The Skillbridge Academy helps organizations that seek to equip their security officers with world-class training. In addition, students are also given training in other professional services. These are all hands-on and is aimed at equipping our students with employable skills.


Skillbridge Academy provides premium training solutions for businesses, government and private citizens to help them become proficient with security laws, procedures and tactics that apply to their jobs as security officers.


 Our instructors are effective, passionate trainers, who are also respected authorities in their fields. They are carefully assembled from some of the best security training officers around the world. Our aim is to work with our students to quickly and efficiently develop skills in an interactive and friendly environment.

Our Facility

Students experience best-in-class training from experienced professionals. Our facility has the equipment, technology and the know-how to help

  • Develop managers and leaders
  • Upskill your entire workforce
  • Keep employees productive
  • Accelerate career development

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